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Humble beginning…

Better hope for future of victims of Crimes and Corruption…

Crime and Corruption are two of the most urgent problems confronting the country today. This concern continuously disturbs the peace of Filipino homes, threatens economic stability and impairs social advancement of the country. The community as one of the pillars of the Criminal Justice System must do its role as an effective partner in the solution and prevention of crimes.

Anti-crime groups have mushroomed in the country during the past years and become watchdog of crimes. The Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) aims to do more than just that. It aims to assist victims of various crimes during investigation, prosecution, and even during the post-court process involving the victims of crimes. It also envisions to create a one-stop center NGO where victims could get all possible assistance they need to expedite the solution of their cases in the absence of a government one-stop-shop agency. VACC also hopes to establish more linkages with other international anti-crime and corruption agencies that will further enhance its capability and better services to the victims of crimes.

These noble objectives were conceptualized by fifteen professionals prominently known in their own fields. They become the members of the VACC Board of Trustees to wit: Dante La Jimenez, former president and founding member of the Crusade Against Violence (CAV); Mr. Lauro Vizconde, former Vice-Chairman and Founding member CAV; Atty. Jose C. Calida of the Citizens Battle Against Corruption (CIBAC); Ed de Duzman of the Philippine Jaycees Senate; Engr. Roel John C. Judilla, a professor of Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT); Donato B. Trinos of the Crusade Against Illegal Recruitment (CAIR); Levi Vinculado, living victim of San Ildefonso, businessman; Ronnie Sta. Maria, musician and father of a murdered son; Ms. Merle Jimenez-San Pedro of the Kalayag Foundation; Ms. Cory Quirino, a kidnap victim and known TV personality, also of foundation for Crime Prevention (Streetwatch 117); Atty. Benjamin Paggao, criminal lawyer; Dr. Cesar Yu, a medical doctor and Mr. Ronnie Henares, known TV producer and talent manager.

The VACC was formally launched on 30 July 1998 at the Conference Room of Pope Pius Catholic Center in United Nation Avenue, Manila, with then DILG Undersecretary now Secretary Ronaldo V. Puno as Guest of Honor and Speaker. On the same occasion, the VACC Office was blessed and opened to the public on the same day. It was duly registered with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) on 03 August 1999.